Patrick McGrath's testimony

The Modesto Bee report was "Sabatino gets continuation" The prosecution guarenteed a delay by making available more discovery the morning of the April 7th hearing. The continuation gave the Bee another opportunity to list the false allegations against former Mayor, Carmen Sabatino.

Below is an excerpt from the affadavit by the District Attorney Investigator with testimony of Patrick McGrath alleging that the former Mayor took steaks from Modesto Joe's restaurant. The affadavit was used to obtain a five location search warrant.

Since the court hearing is dragging on, Full Disclosure Now will print what the Modesto Bee and Clear Channel Radio refuse to report.

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Below is a memo from Patrick McGrath dated 10/01/01. Reading what McGrath said in 10/02 in paragraph four refutes his sworn testimony over one year later in the District Attorneys affadavit. McGrath was the attorney and alleged business partner of the former Mayor.

Modesto Bee reporter Mike Mooney, Managing Editor Joe Demma, and Clear Channel Radio could not be reached for comment.

FULL DISCLOSURE NOWwill produce other documents and information by Attorney McGrath and Attorney Roger Brown of Sonora.


"Your payment of $2,000.00 exceeds the amount of steaks taken. Please let me know if you want the difference refunded or if you want the balance in steaks."

-Patrick McGrath