Mark Vasche has lost his way!

Every Modestan can evaluate the Modesto Bee according to the Code of Ethics advocated by Mark Vasche. They can judge for themselves the credibility of this "journalist".

Perhaps Mr. Vasche can explain to the citizens of Modesto what he was doing in the Mayors office when the search warrants were served on the Mayor?

Could it be that he was assisting the efforts of law enforcement in coordinating the search of five locations at the same time? Could it be that he was leading a successful revolution to change City government for the agenda of the Modesto Bee?

How does that fit into his Code of Ethics?

In his own words, "Our goal always is to give readers a Modesto Bee that informs, educates, enlightens, and entertains--and that is as fair, accurate, balanced, and complete as possible."

Vasche goes on to say, "Fabricating information is incompatible with the tenets of journalism. It is dishonest and deceitful. And, if discovered, it is grounds for termination." We could not have said it better!

Full Disclosure Now is on every Thursday at 6:00 on Channel 23. The Bee has chosen not to let readers know that this program exists. This web site and e-mails will continue on a daily basis and the monopoly of the news will eventually break.

Coming on Tuesday, March 30, visit www.fulldisclosurenow. com

The story concerns Ray Simon and Lee Torrens. What did Ray Simon know and when did he know it?

Please read the 1994 Mark Vasche column below.