In Too Deep

In Too Deep? In Too Deep?

Senior Class Statement


This is the senior class photograph of Pat McGrath from his Davis High School yearbook. Patrick McGrath, attorney & businessman, given the recent revelations he was very focused at a young age.

Historical update to Zagaris takeover

Below is a historical update to the Zagaris takeover during the Mayoral race of 1999. The 1987 warning by former mayor Peggy Mensinger is still on our website. Petrulakis2.gif


 Full Disclosure Now does not intend for redevelopment to operate in the dark with a Council whose majority is now committed to developer interests. The following document is an invitation to redevelopment's coming out party. We will have names of VIP participants next week to engage them in discussions.

Redevelopment Workshop.jpg

Patrick McGrath's testimony

The Modesto Bee report was "Sabatino gets continuation" The prosecution guarenteed a delay by making available more discovery the morning of the April 7th hearing. The continuation gave the Bee another opportunity to list the false allegations against former Mayor, Carmen Sabatino.

For your information

Issues to consider in determining water rates.



More on the Landfill

Modesto City Council members Janice Keating and Will O'Bryant have joined Reagan Wilson, Michael Krausnick, and the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors in covering up the landfill scandal.

They have refused to consider hiring independent council to pursue possible litigation against Stansilaus County for over charging Modesto rate-payers for garbage collection. For the Modesto rate-payers, this amounts to over $7 million in over-charges.

"I really don't know much about Lee Torrens. I never really saw the guy much."

 The documents below are public record.

The meeting was held at the Sundial Restaurant on January 20, 1998.

In attendance was Gordon Dewers, Director of Environmental Resources for Stanislaus County.

Ray Simon, Supervisor of Stanislaus County.

Lee Torrens, county consultant.

Representatives from Covanta, operators of the waste to energy plant.

The agenda for the meeting is not available at this time. We can wait.

Mark Vasche has lost his way!

Every Modestan can evaluate the Modesto Bee according to the Code of Ethics advocated by Mark Vasche. They can judge for themselves the credibility of this "journalist".

Perhaps Mr. Vasche can explain to the citizens of Modesto what he was doing in the Mayors office when the search warrants were served on the Mayor?

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